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Feedback from QuID 2018

Schools for Quantum Information Development

Feedback from QuID 2018

In September 2018, the founders of Squid organised a summer school and hackathon on quantum computing at ETH Zurich, QuID. Video recordings of all the lectures are available on the school’s website.

Here is some participant feedback and our main conclusions from it.





Registered participants: 128, of which 55 from ETH Zurich.

Feedback: 22 responses.


Overall satisfaction


Impact of the lectures

Impact of the tutorials

(in red: Yes, on my own, but it was non-trivial)


Based on this feedback, as well open answer and private feedback, here are some of the things we’d like to change for the next edition of QuID:

– Mix lectures with programming (for example, lectures in the morning and programming in the afternoon).
– Keep the two parallel tracks (advanced and basic) through the whole duration of the school, as the jump from basics to joint track on the second day was too abrupt for beginners.
– Less platforms covered (students didn’t have time to get into each of them in depth and start playing).
– Dedicated industry session (to separate advertising from teaching).
– Have guided coding exercises in the first couple of days (like the quantum katas, or implementing what was taught in the morning lecture), and allow for free coding in groups in the afternoons of the last few days (more like a hackathon).
– Future topics to include: error correction (basics track), hybrid quantum/classical algorithms (advanced track).