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Solstice of foundations 2019

Schools for Quantum Information Development

Solstice of foundations 2019

Save the date: 17-21 June 2019, ETH Zurich.

Squid is bringing you the second edition of the Solstice of Foundations summer school on quantum foundations.

Confirmed speakers include:

Matthew Leifer, Chapman University (interpretations of quantum theory)

Markus Müller, U. Vienna (agent-based approaches)

Sandu Popescu, U. Bristol (paradoxes)

Matthew Pusey, University of Oxford (contextuality)

Tony Short, University of Bristol (time)

Ralph Silva, ETH Zurich (pre- and post-selection)

V. Vilasini, U. York (cryptography)

Mirjam Weilenmann, U. Vienna (causality)

This list will continue to grow in the coming months: it will also include lectures on quantum non-locality and axiomatic approaches to derive quantum theory, for example.   The website of last year’s edition, with videos of all the lectures, is, and will be updated in due time.