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Feedback from Solstice of Foundations 2019

Schools for Quantum Information Development

Feedback from Solstice of Foundations 2019

In June 2019, Squid organised a summer school on quantum foundations at ETH Zurich, Solstice of Foundations. Video recordings of all the lectures will be made available on the school’s website.

Here is some participant feedback and our main conclusions from it.


Registered participants: 88, of which 26 from ETH Zurich.

Feedback: 44 responses.

Prior knowledge of quantum theory

Overall satisfaction

Feedback highlights

“I liked a lot, that details were worked out during the lectures and, that the lecturers actually had time to do so.”

“In general I thought the lectures covered really interesting and diverse topics. Also most were really well done.”

“It think that it was a great idea to book all of those beds in the youth hostel. We had the chance to talk about Q physics with other attendees 24/7. Also, having the coffee breaks in the same rooms as the posters was also a great idea, cause we could visit and revisit them, if necessary. I also appreciate the effort in uploading lectures notes and reference materials to the website, this is very useful.”


From the feedback, it seems that our event was a success, and overall participants enjoyed it. For that we (first!) thank the amazing team of lecturers that has assembled under the roof of ETH for this summer week in June; and, secondly, all of students that came to Zürich driven by an interest in quantum foundations.

We will work on making the event even better next time; there are always things that can be improved: for example, making accommodation options more diverse, and arranging for a dedicated poster session.

We thank all of the participants for their kind and detailed feedback, and hope to see you at our future events!

Photos by Tomáš Gonda, see all here.