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Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory (Spring 2021)

Schools for Quantum Information Development

Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory (Spring 2021)

Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory is a semester course given by Lídia del Rio and Ralph Silva at ETH Zurich. This page is dedicated to the Spring 2021 edition of the course; tutorials were given by Nuriya Nurgalieva.

Lectures: [YouTube playlist] [Script]

Tutorials: [YouTube playlist]

Exercise sheets and solutions:

Sheet 1: unitarity, partial trace, composition of thermal states[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 2: energy preservation, temperature of a qubit[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 3: cooling qubits, composing virtual qubits[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 4: majorization, optimal cooling[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 5: Lorenz curves, thermal operations, heat capacity[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 6: Rényi entropies, thermal operations and second law[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 7: Carnot engine as a source of work[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 8: Lindbladian evolution, generating entanglement with a thermal machine[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 9: dynamics of an idealised clock, limits of p Hamiltonian[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 10: on precision of clocks, thermodynamic limit of clocks[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 11: the quantum pigeonhole problem[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 12: counterfactuals, von Neumann and weak measurements[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 13: physical measurements, FR thought experiment, weak measurements in Hardy’s setting[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 14: Pre- and post-selection paradoxes (+ weak values)[Problems][Solutions]

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