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Quantum Physics for Non-Physicists (Fall 2020)

Schools for Quantum Information Development

Quantum Physics for Non-Physicists (Fall 2020)

Quantum Physics for Non-Physicists is a semester course given by Lídia del Rio at ETH Zurich. This page is dedicated to the Fall 2020 edition of the course; tutorials were given by Nuriya Nurgalieva.

Lectures: [YouTube playlist] [Script]

Tutorials: [YouTube playlist]

Exercise sheets and solutions:

Sheet 1: practicing Dirac notation, a particle in a box, Bloch sphere [Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 2: controlled gates, gates in trapped ions, Mach-Zehnder interferometer[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 3: unitary and Hermitian operators, Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 4: wave function in 3D, parity operator, Gaussian wave packets, entanglement and teleportation [Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 5: interaction Hamiltonian, a non-local GHZ game[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 6: evolution of Gaussian wave packets, group and phase velocity, measuring the double slit[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 7: a particle in a finite well, stationary phase approximation[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 8: stationary states and state evolution, properties of trace, partial trace[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 9: density matrices on the Bloch sphere, distinguishing the states[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 10: a weak measurement, measuring parity, a system and a battery[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 11: composability of thermal states, energy and temperature[Problems][Solutions]
Sheet 12: erasing a qubit with a battery and a heat bath[Problems][Solutions] [Wolfram Mathematica: battery in qubit erasure]
Sheet 13: uncertainty relation, spin-1, harmonic oscillator[Problems][Solutions]

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